Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology

(JPT/BPP(K)1000-600/WP163 Jld.4(21) (MQA/FA3528) (N/725/4/0046) 06/19

Aspires to be leading center of excellence in Medical Laboratory Technology holistic education, research and practice in Malaysia by 2020.

Producing quality Medical Laboratory Technologist with excellent knowledge, skills to perform various tests for the diagnosis and treatment purpose, identify and solve the community problems in various health perspectives with responsibility and holistic attitude. More than 70% of diagnostic test result is depend on us.

Be knowledgeable, skillful, disciplined, responsible and honest.


  • To produce a well-trained and oriented medical laboratory technologist by the end of their course.
  • To be able to maintain standards of practice in the field of Medical laboratory technology
  • To exhibit professional conduct in the conformity with the existing regulations and ethical norms
  • To be able to advance their knowledge and study in the field of Medical laboratory technology
  • To be able to perform research activities in the field of Medical laboratory technology
  • To communicate effectively and possess good interpersonal skills.
  • To become a versatile team member in the medical laboratory technology


  • Gather excellent knowledge and skills and able to apply these aspects while working in different fields of Medical laboratory technology
  • Use theoretical knowledge and practical skills to assess, plan and implement appropriate laboratory techniques
  • Develop a positive attitude in all aspects of health services with sense of responsibility, efficient work and dedication in all areas of Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Acquire compassionate, holistic service in all areas of Medical laboratory technology and take part in the management of health care, basing decisions within an ethical and professional framework
  • Communicate effectively with individuals or groups and able to implement laboratory decision making skill.
  • Produce and interpreted the data, approach and solve the problems by integrating the knowledge of Medical laboratory Technology and practical practice
  • Sustain life-long learning independently in acquisition of new knowledge and skills.
  • Self-reflective skills, self-directed learning and have a positive approach for continuous professional development