Diploma in Logistics Management

[JPT/BPP(K)1000-600/WP163 Jld.8(1)(MQA/PA8391)(N/345/4/0958) 09/21

Introduction PICOMS (Pusrawi International College Of Medical Sciences) is proud to announce it will launch its new program DIPLOMA IN LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT for May 2017 Intake. This diploma program runs by its School of Business and Management for 2 ½ years in Kuala Lumpur.

Program Description

Many SPM holders know nothing about logistics despite its applications in our daily life. Yes logistics now has become new critical agenda for companies to grow and increase their profits. When talking about logistics, according to Adjunct Prof. Dr. Marco Tieman, a global expert on halal logistics (2016), it deals mainly with goods flows. The goods flow starts with a supplier and find its way via warehouses, factories and transport to the final consumer (from where it sometimes also returns). Logistics has never been so important as today. Competition is not anymore between companies, but between supply chains. Companies that organize their logistics well, have a competitive advantage in their market. They have less logistics costs and can achieve higher profits. Logistics is not only limited to the manufacturing industry, but also mission critical for government, hospitals, airlines, event organizations and banks in order to ensure a customer focus organization against lowest costs. Logistics is not only about goods flows, but also about document flows, people flows and information flows.