Diploma in Occupational Therapy

Programme Overview

Occupational therapists are a vital part of today’s health teams, helping people to meet their personal goals after illness or injury. It is an exciting area of practice which recognizes the potential of each person and enables individuals to achieve health, wellbeing and life satisfaction through participation in meaningful activity.


Diploma in Occupational Therapy at PICOMS has started in April 2014, with just 12 students, and 2 staff members. With continuous growth and enhancement, as on 2019, we have around 91 students and 5 staff members and this number will set to increase yearly.


The program has continually reviewed objectives and revived strategies keeping in mind the mission and vision of parent institution in improving the standards of teaching-learning methodologies for students.

Occupational Therapist may find work in various places like:

▪ Hospital

▪ Community-based rehabilitation centres

▪ Universities and Colleges

▪ School with Special Needs Children

▪ Nursing Homes

▪ Industries

▪ Old Folks Home

▪ Therapy Centres

▪ Private Practices

SPM level: Pass Bahasa Malaysia and English with 5 credits in subject:

○ Mathematics

○ 1 science subject (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Science, Applied Science)

○ Any 3 Subjects (including Bahasa Malaysia and English if it’s a credit)

GCE/O-LEVEL: Pass Bahasa Malaysia and English with 5 gred ‘C’ in below subject

● Mathematics

●  1 science subject (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Science, Applied Science)

● Any 3 Subjects (including Bahasa Malaysia and English if it’s a credit)

Any Health Science Certificate: Minimum pointer 2.75


Study Mode

Full time



January, April, September


Students who graduate from the program able to pursue the study various Bachelor Degree programs not limited to stated program:

▪ Bachelor (Hons) in Occupational Therapy

▪ Bachelor (Hons) in Psychology

▪ Bachelor (Hons) in Early Child Education

▪ Bachelor (Hons) in Physiotherapy

Year 1

● Anatomy and Physiology – I

● Introduction to Occupational Therapy

● Psychology and Mental Health

● Anatomy and Physiology – II

● Basic Pathology

● Biomechanic and Kinesiology

● Neurosciences for Occupational  Therapy

● Therapeutic Activities and Activity Analysis


Year 2

● Medical and Neurological Conditions

● Orthopedic and Surgical Conditions

● Occupational Performance in Physical Conditions

● Orthosis

● Clinical Placement – I (Physical)

● Psychiatric Conditions

● Community Based Rehabilitation

● Occupational Performance in Psychiatric Conditions

● Group Process

● Clinical Placement – II (Psychiatric)

Year 3

       ● Pediatrics Conditions

● OT Interventions in Geriatrics

● Occupational Performance in Pediatrics

● Occupational Safety and Ergonomics

● Clinical Placement – III (Pediatrics)

● Personal and Professional Development

● Course Research Project

● Occupational Therapy in Rehabilitation

       ● Clinical Placement – IV (Selection)


Bangunan Wisma Baitulmal, Jalan Ipoh

Programme Status:

Full Accreditation

Programme Code:



Occupational Therapy

Study Mode:


Study Level:



January, April and September


3 years