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Being one of MAIWP subsidiary company, I would like to congratulate PICOMS management for their initiative of perceptible transformation starting from year 2010 with the new students’ intake for variety of Diploma namely Pharmacy, Medical Sciences, Physiotherapy, Medical Assistant, and Environmental Health besides Diploma in Nursing. This is one of the innovative manifestation cultures that have been implemented by PICOMS. Transformations are mandatory if we want to be successful. This is a crucial thing to understand since transformation, adaptation and growth are needed in order to fulfil the needs of the ever changing society in the new era of education and health care. The transformation culture is also one of the three main core of the government agenda under the Government Transformation Programme (GTP); INNOVATIVE CULTURE IN SERVICES.
Hence, when this college has a new management in year 2010, I have asked them to make an on-going transformation. PICOMS is a proof that the management is capable of implementing these changes. This is apposite with the change management concept in Surah al-Anfaal verse 53:

“That is because Allah would not change a favour which He had bestowed upon a people until they change what is within themselves. And indeed, Allah is Hearing and Knowing.”
In addition to PICOMS development effort, MAIWP has purchased a four-level building in Mukim Batu as the new campus that can fit approximately 2000 students. Next, MAIWP has also funded all the renovation and reconstruction cost of the seven-level building of Bangunan Baitulmal in Jalan Ipoh as an effort to accommodate more intake of Nursing students by providing the facilities they need in learning and studying process that has been set by Malaysia Qualification Agency and Malaysia Nursing Board. MAIWP also helped asnaf students, in which funding half of their fees through scholarship or giving special financial aids in order to ease the asnaf students’ cost of living.
All of the efforts are done in order to fulfill part of the goals and objectives of MAIWP constitution; to ensure the zakat that has been given in the Federal Territory are being used to help people in need to continue their studies in Diploma and Degree level. With all of the zakat that we utilized to help the PICOMS asnaf students and providing them with educational facilities so that we can produce generation of graduates from the particular group, I believe that Allah’s blessing will always showered upon the zakat giver of the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council.
Dear Sir / Madam who have given their zakat to Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan (MAIWP).
In addition, MAIWP has built hemodialysis centers, namely MAIWP-PICOMS Dialysis Centre which accommodates 12 dialysis machines at each center. In line with PICOMS’s objectives as an education institution, training and services, we have granted the permission to PICOMS to manage these centers. Currently, MAIWP still depends on the panels from external dialysis center, where nearly 360 asnaf patients receive help from MAIWP each year, with cost of more than RM6 million a year. The construction cost of each dialysis center is about RM1 million. With MAIWP-PICOMS Dialysis Centre, we expect the cost can be reduced and can accommodate many more new patients from those beneficiaries. When the number of students increases in future, MAIWP will help PICOMS in implementing its development efforts including to help setting up the infrastructure and the construction of its new campus and teaching hospital to be more comfortable and to meet the world-class standard.
In order to succeed as an education systems and health care provider, PICOMS must develop in all aspects and directions, which include patient care, research, service, and the current training skills for future doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists and others. I hope the graduates from PICOMS in future will not only to have high moral values but also responsible and committed to their career professionally. Five years from now, I am very confident and can imagine that PICOMS will be successful with new programmes at all levels, with better education and research facilities but most importantly we can build a society with moral values, ethics with high knowledge based with Islamic principles, which can be applied to the world’s society and particularly to the Islamic society.
I also hope PICOMS’s effort of development in obtaining the status of University College will be achieved soon and make PICOMS as an option for university college and professional expertise education with relevant standard as to meet global expectations yet remain firm adhering to the ethical purity of Islam. Thank you.
"All the best"

Honourable Major General Dato 'Seri Jamil Khir B. Haji Baharom

Batu Muda Main Campus

    No.3, Jalan 31/10A, Kawasan Perindustrian IKS,Taman Batu Muda, 68100 Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur

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Jalan Rahmat Campus

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